Homemade Face Packs To Get Rid Of Dullness

Homemade, face, pack, for, instant, glow, fairness, healthbreakers
Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness

Hey, why are you looking so dull? Why is your skin getting dull day by day? You should really do something for your skin dear! These are some questions that people frequently asked you, because of your dull skin. Want to get rid of skin dullness as well as such stupid questions? So here we are! This article can suggest to you many ways to get flawless skin. On following these steps, you can say goodbye to dullness…..Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness

Here, I am going to share with you some homemade face packs recipes to make your skin bright and glowing and more importantly dullness-free. And I also have a bonus tip to make your skin healthy from the inside as well, I will talk about it later. But before that, let’s first talk about some reasons behind the dullness of skin tone. So that one can skip these mistakes and protect their skin from damage and dullness.

Reasons or mistakes behind dullness :

Excessive, sunlight, healthbreakers
Excessive sunlight

   Excessive sunlight: (Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness)

Some people often have to spend long hours outdoors because of work. But the excessive presence in sunlight can deeply affect our skin, which results in sunburn and dullness. We should not spend long hours outdoor during sunlight.  Pro tip: If you have to go outside, first apply a powerful sunscreen lotion, and cover your skin as much as possible.
Dehydration, healthbreakers

Dehydration: (Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness)

Not only our organs, but our skin also needs a sufficient amount of water. The low water level in our body, not only affects our body but also makes skin dull and dark. To get glowing skin, we should have a sufficient amount of water daily. So that our skin never gets dehydrated.
Pollution, healthbrakers


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Nowadays, pollution is the biggest sin for our body and health.  It not only affects our body from the inside, but its effects can be seen from the outside also.  Always follow precautions like face masks,  hygiene, etc. To minimize the effect of pollution on your body.

      Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness

Home made, face packs , healthbreakers
Home made face packs
  1. Gram flour packThis is the most effective and powerful  remedy to remove dullness from your face and makes it bright.  For this all you have to do is :

Add 1 Tbsp  of gram flour, in 2 Tbsp of curd. Then add ½ tsp of turmeric powder in it. Now, add ½ tsp of honey.  


Add 1 Tbsp of gram flour, ½ tsp of turmeric, add few drops of lemon juice. Then add milk or water or rose water ( optional).

Give it a great mix. Apply it gently on your face and neck. Then let it rest for 15 – 20 minutes. Then you can wash it off.

Curd is a natural moisturizer and also makes your skin healthy. Turmeric helps to improve skin tone and remove dullness. Honey makes your skin soft. And we all are aware of how much gram flour is good for the skin.

  •  Egg white pack This face pack not only helps in dullness but also gives shiny and soft skin.  For this:

Take an egg white in a bowl, beat it thoroughly, until it gives a creamy white liquid texture. Now you can apply it on your dull skin. Let it dry automatically. Then wash your face and moisturize with the help of a natural moisturizer.

  •  Rice flour pack:  This pack removes impurities, dullness, whiteheads, and  blackheads.  To prepare this pack, we have to :
  Add 1 spoon of rice flour in –
1 – 2 tsp milk ( for skin)
Curd                 ( for oily skin)
Cream              ( for sensitive skin)
Water              ( for normal skin)

 Give it a mix, and apply. After it gets 90% dry, wet your hands with water and massage the mask till it gets remove.

  •  Vinegar pack:  Apple cider vinegar is a natural toner. It cures uneven skin tone, balances the pH level of the skin, and thus prevents acne and pimples. To get this pack, all we have to do is:

   In apple cider vinegar, add 1 tsp honey, and some water. Mix it, and apply.  After 15 – 20 minutes when it gets dry, rinse it off with cold water.

  •  Fuller’s earth pack Everybody knows how beneficial Fuller’s earth ( Multani mitti) is when it comes to skin issues. So here is the pack of Fuller’s earth :
  • Face pack for oily skin  To prepare this pack –

In 2 tsp of Fuller’s earth, add 1 tsp of lemon juice, then add rose water to make it a smooth paste. Mix it well. Firstly, wash your face with lukewarm water, and then you can apply this paste to your face. Leave it on your face for about 20 minutes, then rinse it off with lukewarm water. (Homemade face pack for instant glow and fairness)

Fuller’s earth removes excess oil, dirt, uneven skin tone, sunburn and skin rashes also.

Face pack for dry skin :  Take 2 Tsp of Fuller’s earth powder, add 1 tsp of almond oil, then add 1 tsp honey in it. Now add milk little by little to make a smooth paste like consistency. After 30 minutes wash it off with normal water.

Note :  Don’t forget to do a patch test on your neck or hand before applying any of these packs on your face and neck. One can use any of these face pack twice in a week.

Extra pack:  If you don’t want to take much pain to prepare a face pack. Then just do one thing, take ¼ banana and add 1 tsp of honey in it. Mash and mix both the ingredients. It will make your skin nourish and soft naturally.

 All these face packs that are mentioned here are suitable for all. But just keep one thing in mind that only treating your skin from the outside will not be sufficient. To make your skin healthy from the inside, one should follow a healthy lifestyle and diet strictly. And of course, as I told you that I will share some bonus tips with you, so we go :

Turmeric water, healthbreakers
Turmeric water
  1.  Turmeric water:  Turmeric is also known as the king of spices, as it not only use as a spice but also uses for many other purposes. Turmeric water is very much beneficial for us. To make this:

  In a glass of warm water, add ½ tsp of turmeric and a pinch of black pepper.

And it’s ready. Better to have it in morning. But make sure that one should not eat anything for about half an hour after having it.

Turmeric milk , healthbreakers
Turmeric milk
  •  Turmeric milk:  Turmeric is rich in Glutathione, an antioxidant that reduces melanin hormone levels and promotes fairness naturally. Turmeric milk is also known as golden milk, because of its benefits. For this:

Just place the milk to boil, then add some ginger and black pepper powder to it. Once it starts to boil, add  ½ tsp of turmeric in it while having the flame low. Mix it well. And have it.

Include turmeric milk in your diet plan, and you will surely get amazing results.

Fun fact: According to newspapers, Americans pay about 2000 Indian rupees per glass for golden milk.



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