Want to be a Morning Person! Follow these tips

World Sleep Day is an annual event deliberate to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important sleep issues, including medicine, education, social aspects, and driving. It organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society and tries to reduce the burden of sleep difficulties on society by better preventing and managing sleep disorders. How to become a morning person

Do you want to be a morning person?
But don’t know how?
Here we are to tell you in the right direction.
We all know these lines since childhood. But how many of us, follow these lines in actuality? Very few! Right! We all want to do most of the task today itself. That’s why people often work till late at night. Which not only affects that person’s health but also his or her productivity. Students, businessmen, actors or be any other person, all want to become a morning person. As we all know, waking up early gives us lots of benefits, but we can’t do this.
Benefits only an early morning person can have :
• A effective and peaceful start if the day.
• sufficient time to have a nourishing breakfast.
• Enough ‘Me time’.
• Healthy lifestyle.
• No messy routine.
And whatnot. The list goes on and on.
If you are also one of those who want to become a morning person then these tips will surely help you to achieve your goal, along with some lifestyle changes.
Tips to Become a Morning Person :

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How to become a morning person
  1. Sleep early: The best way to wake up early is to sleep early. Because if we don’t sleep till late at night, then it will affect our body’s sleep cycle. Our body needs few hours to sleep peacefully so that it gets energy after wake up. But if our body didn’t get that few hours to sleep, then we may not feel active the next morning. So try to go to your bed early.
  2. No Smartphone: The best and effective way to get peaceful sleep to make your night’s last two hours ‘No smartphone hour’. Because today, most people have this habit to use smartphones lying on their bed. And then they complain that they don’t even feel sleepy. The problem is when we use any electronic device just before sleep, it not only effects our sleeping habit and time but also disturbs our sleep’s quality. And that’s why, when we awake next morning we feel sleepy, lazy, and inactive. Because the rays from electronic devices is really harmful for us. Just lock your phone inside your cupboard and keep a book on your bed. If you don’t feel sleepy, just start reading the book. Book will not harm you in any way but it helpful to give you a tight sleep.
  3. Rub your hands : Yes! After waking up in the morning, the very first thing you have to do is jute rub your hand and place it on your eyes. Rubbing your hand will make your muscle active, and after placing it on your eyes, your eyes and other parts of the body will get active in no time. This small gesture will wakes up the whole system of your body and break the heavy concentration of our body organs. This tip is really helpful for those who don’t even feel sleepy but still find it hard to leave the bed.
  4. Till you don’t get this habit in your lifestyle, just do one thing for sure. Which is Wake up with a smile. Yes, smiling just after leaving you bed is the best way to start a day. It also helps to increase your productivity in a day.
  5. No alarm policy: Yes you may find it stupid, but it’s true. A harsh morning alarm not only wakes you up with almost a heart attack but also wakes you up in the wrong way. So follow this “No alarm policy” to wake upright. Instead of a harsh alarm tone, you can choose a soothing chirping sound of birds or any other soothing sound related to nature. Which not only help you to wake up in the right way but also calms your mood.
  6. Early dinners: Having your dinner early may help you. As if you have your dinner early then you can also complete your nighttime routine early. That will give you enough time to digest your food properly and also help you to wake up early in the morning.
  7. Have soothing dinner: Always have your dinner early, on a particular time and soothing. As if you eat anything wrong that can heat up your digestive system, then you can not have a tight sleep. It will bother you the whole night and may ruin your next day.
  8. Turn your curtains on: This may sound foolish, but it works for those who sleep in such a way that, they can’t even listen to that harsh alarm sound. If you turn your curtains on and then sleep, the next morning the fresh sunlight will help you to wake you up, not only physically but mentally also. This will help you to get fresh air and sunlight too. The sun rays help your biological clock get reset and aligned to when the sun rises. And when you leave your bed to turn your curtains off, you will already feel asleep.
  9. Warm-up: After leaving your bed, don’t go for it again. This will make you lazier and waste you most of the morning time. Instead, you should do warm-ups. And warm-ups can make your body muscles and organs active in no time and keep you healthy as well. 15 to 20 minutes, not intense warm-up will be enough to get your blood pumping correct. Do give it a try.
  10. Set a motive: Set a goal or motive why you want to wake up early. This will help you to strengthen your will power to go off the bed.
  1. Keep your alarm far away: keep your notice far away from you, so that whenever it will ring, you have to quit your bed and go to turn your alarm off. And after doing this, it’s hard that you go back to your bed.
  2. Apps that will make you up early morning :
    • Alarmy app
    • Spin my an alarm clock
    • Bar code app
  3. Social pressure: Yes, stress can be helpful sometimes. Please make up your mind to pressurise yourself or should we say motivate yourself that you can wake up early and can achieve whatever you want. But for this, you have to start early. If you want you can use the Buffer app to create pressure on yourself. In this app, you have to set a buffer Facebook or Instagram post, like — “ If today I can’t wake up early then I will be the most stupid person in this world”. Of course you don’t want this to be posted on your Facebook or Instagram post or profile. For this, you need to wake up early and delete this post before a particular time set by you. And if you failed to delete the post, whole world will know how stupid you are. And this, you surely don’t want.
    So these are the ways that can be helpful for you. Do try these, and tell us whether it works for you or not.


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