CORONAVIRUS | What Happens When you Catch COVID-19 Virus?

This is respiratory disease sars cove 2 it belongs to the family of coronavirus named for the Crown like spikes on their surface. SARS Cove two can cause COVID-19 (corona virus) a contagious viral infection that attacks primarily your throat and lungs.

What very happens in your body when you contract the coronavirus?

What exactly causes your body to develop pneumonia?

And how would a antigen work?

The coronavirus ought to infect living cells thus on breed let’s have a great deal of in-depth look inside the virus genetic material contains the info to make a lot of copies of itself.


coronavirus, infected with covid-19

A molecule shell provides a troublesome protective enclosure for the genetic material as a result of the virus travels between the people it infects associate outer envelope permits the virus to infect cells by merging with the cell’s outer membrane. sticking out from the envelope unit of measurement spikes of molecule molecules, every a typical respiratory disease virus and conjointly the new coronavirus uses their spikes type of a key to inducing inside a cell in your body where it takes over the cells internal machinery repurposing it to make the components of recent viruses.

This is what happens if it gets in your body.

When an associate infects a person talks coughs or sneezes droplets carrying the virus. They land in your mouth or nose then move in your lungs. Once inside your body the virus comes in-tuned with cells in your throat, nose or lungs. One spike on the virus inserts into a receptor molecule on your healthy. Cytomembrane type of a key throughout a lock this action permits the virus to induce inside your cell. A typical flu virus would travel inside a sack fabricated from your cytomembrane to the nucleus of your cells. That homes all its genetic material the coronavirus. On the other hand, doesn’t get to be compells to enter the host nucleus. It’ll directly access parts of the host cell remarked as ribosomes.

Ribosome used genetic information from the virus to make infective agent proteins just like the spikes on the viruses surface a packaging structure in yourself then carries the spikes in vesicles that urged beside your cell’s outer layer the cytomembrane all the weather needed to create an innovative virus gathered merely at a lower place your cells membrane.  then an innovative virus begins to butt off from the cells membrane, now!!

With The virus spreading in your body but the square measure you able to develop respiratory disease symptoms?

coronavirus, covid-19 infected, symptoms of covid-19 virus, symptoms of corona virus

For this we’ll need to examine your lungs each lump has separate sections remarked as Globes. Ordinarily, as you breathe air moves freely through your trachea or canal then through large tubes. Remarked as rocky through tiny tubes remarks as brachial and eventually into tiny sacs remarks as alveoli your Airways. And Alfie only unit of measurement flexible springing when you suspire each air SAC inflates. Type of {a tiny|a tiny|a little} balloon and when you exhale the sax raffle. Small blood vessels remarked as capillaries surround your alviola number eight from the air you breathe passes into your Kapil Aries then acid gas from your body passes out of your capillaries into your alveoli so as that your lungs can get obviate it when you exhale.

Your Airways catch most germs inside the secretion that lines your trachea canal brachial throughout. Healthy hair-like cilia lining the tubes constantly pushes the secretion and germs out of your Airways. Where you’d probably expel them by coughing ordinarily cells of your system. Attack viruses and germs that make it past your secretion and cilia and enter your alveoli. However, if your system is weakens like inside the case of coronavirus infection. The virus can overwhelm your immune cells and your bronchial and alveoli. Become inflamed as your system attacks the multiplying viruses.

The inflammation can cause your alveoli to fill with fluid making it robust for your body to induce the number eight it needs may|you’ll|you may} develop respiratory disorder where one lobe of your lungs is affected otherwise you may have respiratory disorder that affects many areas of every lungs.

Pneumonia would possibly cause drawback respiration pain coughing fever and chills. Confusion headache muscle pain and fatigue. It should cause extra serious complications metastasis failure happens once your respiration becomes therefore robust. That you {just} just need a machine remarked as a ventilator to help you breathe.

This unit of measurement the machines that save lives that medical device companies presently exercise production for. Whether or not or not you’d develop these symptoms depends on loads of things. Like your age. Associate degreed whether or not you have got already got associate degree existing condition. Whereas this all sounds shivery the push to develop a Coronavirus. The antigen is moving at high-speed studies of other coronaviruses semiconductor diode most researchers to assume that folk. World Health Organization has recovers from a respiratory disease Cove 2. Infection may well protect from reinfection for a quantity of some time. But that assumption should be back up by empirical proof and many studies counsel otherwise.

How vaccines work in your body.

coronavirus vaccine, covid-19 vaccine, infected

The basic set up is that you simply would get an endeavour that contains faint versions of the virus the antigen would expose your body to a version of the virus that is too weak to cause infection but simply strong enough to stimulate associate immune response at intervals one or two of weeks cells in your system would produce marker’s remarked as antibodies which could be specific for fewer than the coronavirus or specifically its spike molecule antibodies then attached to the virus and forestall it from attaching to your cells your system then responds to signals from the antibodies by intense and destroying the clumps of viruses if you then catch the real virus at a later stage your body would recognise it and destroy it.

In simple words your immunity would upgrade.

Till then stay home if you can.



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