Side effects of synthetic colors used in Holi

Side effects of chemical colours use on Holi. As the festival of colours, Holi is unique to the Indian soil down the ages. People helping delighted to splash colours on their near and dear ones to celebrate the occasion with Katie. The fun use of colours during Holi is not just for fun holiday colours. It had several bold benefits. The traditional holiday colours were extracts from plants like turmeric neem and Palash and had several positive health benefits.

This beautiful festival of colours could turn into a nightmare if you strip toxic chemicals for playing synthetic colours side effects of Holi colours. Unfortunately, commercialisation during modern times has flooded the markets with adulterated artificial colours highly harmful to humans. The general side consequences of Holi colours have therefore become a topic of deep concern. 


Holi Colours

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Holi Colors Explosion

These days, there is an adequate supply of organic pigments, nor do people take enough care to procure them, paying higher. People rather do not understand that their effort to save money on Holi colours there only end up harming the health of others they are playing with. The very fact that the Portuguese colours only Frank pouring on others does not make them responsible for their choice.

Chemical effects of Holi Colors

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Holi chemicals in Water

 Some of the harmful components used in synthetic colours include lead oxide diesel chromium IoT and copper sulphate. For example, the five powerful colours utilize during Holi are extractes from toxic elements. They are therefore highly harmful to healthy synthetic colours and their ingredients. The black colour is produce from late oxide. The green colour we see today is mainly produce from copper sulphate, the silver colour mostly comes from aluminium bromide, and the red colour is a product of Mercury sulphite. 

Different Elements in Holi Colors

holi, holi colors, festivals of colors, holi colors, chemicals, chemicals in Holi
Elements in Holi Colors

 The copper sulphate in weight could lead to eye allergies and temporary blindness. Mercury sulphide existing in red colour can give skin cancer growth and other difficulties like mental retardation, reduced vision and paralysis. The chromium iodide in the focal colour leads to bronchial asthma and energies. The aluminium iodide in the silver colour is found to be carcinogenic, brushing blue in blue to give rise to contact dermatitis. 

  • Excessive use of dry black color which contains lead oxide can affect on kidneys. The led oxide found in the black color can give way to renal failure and learning disability.
  • Fluorine Iodonium in purple colour can trigger breathing problems like asthma, synthetic dyes can damage you here and make it dry and brittle, so the best way to ensure safe enjoy Houston mature herbal colours.

Visualising the Healthy Holi  

Unaware that synthetic colours could be extraordinarily harmful and neglectful of the consequences that they might cause physiques, most people have gone too far into using Holi colours indiscriminately. The right approach to Holi could be to prepare them organically, choosing the traditional extraction method. This will not be difficult or expensive.

These synthetic colours can contain toxic chemicals that contact your skin and cause allergic reactions like itching, swelling, and dermatitis can also cause redness, irritation, and eye infections.

Here are some easy to make herbal Holi colours.

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Herbal Holi Colors

Yellow color:

Add one teaspoon of turmeric honey. A good stir will be boiled to increase the concentration of colour and further diluted.

Red colour: 

Add two teaspoons of red sandalwood powder in one litre of water and boil dilute and use or else you can speed of right pomegranate and are boiled water gives a red colour. 

Pink color: 

Flowers pink variety in water overnight or boil for pinkish colour or else boiler few pieces of beetroot couple for to create dark magenta coloured water

Orange color: 

Soak Henna leaves in water overnight and uses the water to play the morning. 

Black color: 

Boil dried fruits of Amber Indian spring that night diet with water and rings.

So this Holi goes organic and helps spread the message of love and peace amongst all.



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