Suffering from Depression? Follow these Tips to Fight Back

Are you suffering from depression? Want to make your life happy again?
But don’t know how? Here we are to guide you.

There is no wonder; Mental health is as important as physical health. But still, even today, people are not aware of the importance of mental health. Mental wellness can affect our physical fitness too. If people do not take care of their mental health, it affects their lives and can lead to cognitive problems or mental disorders. Nowadays, people with mental illnesses like anxiety, panic attacks, schizophrenia, depression. Are increasing day by day.
Among mental disorders, depression is one of the most increased confusion among people. Recent researches proved that everyone among four people has some mental illness. In 2019, a survey report concluded that India’s most psychological condition is none other than depression.
What is known as depression?
Depression, also known as major depressive disorder, is a severe medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, your thinking process, and how you react. The saddest truth is this severe illness is common now. Depression is different from usual mood fluctuations and short-lived emotional responses to challenges in our everyday life. Depression can be more severe with long-lasting symptoms and moderate or severe intensity. Depression is a challenging position that connects the thoughts, biology, activities, and life experiences of a depressed person.

Let’s have a look at some facts given by WHO regarding Depression:

 Depressed, Depression, suffering clinical depression, Major depressive disorder, Mental health, Mental, Heatlhy
Let’s have a look at some facts given by WHO regarding Depression

• Depression is a common illness worldwide, with more than 264 million people affected of all ages.
• More women are depressed in comparison to men.
• At its worst, depression can lead to suicide.
• There are effective psychological and pharmacological for moderate band severe depression.
• Close to 800000 people die due to suicide every year.
• About 76 % of people in low-income countries and 85 % of people in middle-income countries receive no treatment for their disorders.
• Depression affects an estimated 1 in 15 adults ( 6.7%) in any given year.
• One in six people (16.6 %) will experience depression at some time in their life.

Barriers to effective treatments :

 Depressed,  Depression, suffering clinical depression, Major depressive disorder, Suffering from Depression
Barriers to effective treatments

• Lack of resources
• Lack of trained health care providers
• Social stigma associated with mental disorders.
• Inaccurate assessment

Symptoms of Depression:

• Persistent and perceive sadness
• Loss of interest
• Excessive guilt, like the depressed person, starts feeling guilty for no reason
• Physical weakness or fatigue
• Poor concentration
• Loss of focus
• Appetite and weight change. Weight can begin increasing or decreasing.
• Sleep abnormalities, like having trouble sleeping or sleeping too much.
• Being irritable mostly
• Negative thoughts
• Suicidal thoughts
• Feeling worthless
If these symptoms last for two weeks, then it can be depression.
But many health problems such as deficiencies of Vitamin -D -B, zinc, magnesium, anemia, and other common deficiency can impact the sleep, energy, and mood of a person. So one should visit a doctor and get checked to confirm the actual health problem or mental disorder.
Reason of people getting depressed?
Reasons for getting people depressed can classify into two components :

  1. Biological reasons: Biological reasons mean biological change in the brain or level of hormones. Three hormones can be the reason for Depression I.e., Serotonin ( the feel-good hormone), Norepinephrine, and Dopamine abnormalities. Any change in such hormones may lead to depression.
  2. Psychological reasons: Due to any reason, or sometimes without any reason, when a person starts getting negative thoughts and feelings about himself/herself, it may lead to depression when such feelings last long.
  3. Decide to overcome it: Yes, the first step towards everyday life is to overcome your depression. Unless you don’t make a decision, you can’t take action. Just choose, and be firm on it.
  4. Medications and counseling: An excellent psychiatric can help you and prescribe the best medication for you. And therapy is known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, also can help you to cure depression.
  5. Get tested: Other health conditions can mimic. To be sure about your health problems, get a check by a doctor is a must.
  6. Find a therapist: Find a good therapist with whom you feel comfortable and help you cure your depression. A therapist also helps to explore the causes of your depression so that you can solve it.
  7. Movement is a must: Movement of your body is a must. A feeling of depression may not think to practice, but it can help you keep depression reassured. Do give some time to your health, exercise, or walk barefoot on green grass, or you can do whatever you can enjoy.
  8. Improve your sleep: About 87 % of people who resolved their sleeping problems also decided their depression. So try to make quality rest.
  9. Diet: You may not feel like eating anything during the depression, but a healthy diet can help you get your depression cured. Try to include such food products in your diet, increasing the serotonin hormone level in your body. Serotonin can decrease your biological depression.
  10. Spend time with nature: When you feel alone but can’t talk to anyone, spend some time with nature. Try to observe your surroundings. Walk barefoot or exercise in a garden may help. Try to consume some time with spirit.
  11. Sunlight: Yes, sunlight supplies Vitamin D to your body and helps to energies you. Try to consume some moments in the sunshine.
  12. Listen music : If you are interested in music, go for soothing or classical music. It will relax your mind.
  13. Stay away from Negative Thoughts : If you always think negative, then nothing can help you, seriously nothing. You are the only one who can control your mind and tthoughts. So think positive only.
  14. Read: There are plenty of self-help books available in the market. Read any, according to your interest. It would be better if you read offline, I.e. book.
  15. Adopt pets: Pets can be helpful to avoid negative thoughts and to make yourself busy. Pets will love you as you love them. And the best thing is, pets don’t judge.
  16. BRAHMI: BRAHMI is an Ayurvedic herb, it is to be believed that Brahmi is really helpful to cure depression. Just massage your hair with Brahmi oil before sleep.
  17. Hope you found this helpful, and may it give you the strength to overcome your depression.

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