Terms And Conditions

Welcome to HealthBreakers.com

Our terms and conditions mention the rules and regulations for using our Company’s name and website. Using our website- www.HealthBreakers.com, you agree to our terms and conditions. If you don’t agree to the conditions outlined here, we strictly recommend prohibiting the use of our website.

We will be using the following terminology further in our terms and conditions agreement:

  • You, Yours, and Client are used for the person who uses our website.
  • We, Our, Us, Company is used for the site owners, partners, clients, and future parties.


We use cookies to collect data of each user who visit or use our website. This would help us to make our services more accessible to the users. Users should click on agree to continue using the website and cookies.


owns the intellectual property right for all the content and material used on the website. You cannot sell or republish the original full material on the website for non-commercial use. You cannot reproduce, copy, redistribute or duplicate the material in the name of Company.


HealthBreakers allow users to exchange their views and general information in certain areas. All the comments and views post on the website is purely user’s opinions, and it does not reflect the Company’s views.

We are not liable for the comments. However, all the words are monitored by the Company to figure out the inappropriateness or offensive nature of the comments posted. We also reserve the right to remove any offensive, inappropriate, or beachful comments posted on the website that does not comply with our Terms and Conditions.

You cannot promote your business or post comments for commercial purposes on Company’s platform. This would be seen as a violation of our rules and regulations.

Content Reproduction

If you are using the information available on our website, then you have to agree following terms and conditions:

  1. You cannot publish the original article on your website unless we permit you to do so
  2. You cannot use HealthBreakers Logo without our permission
  3. You can use the URL of our content on your website only if it does not harm our reputation and you agree to give the full credit to our Company as we are the original publisher of every information available on our website.
  4. Our clients cannot use our content on any website that contains misleading or phonographic content
  5. Clients cannot use the information present on our website to encourage any illegal activity

Liability Of Content

Our Company is not responsible for the liability of any of the content available on our client’s website. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you also agree to defend us If any claims arise against your websites.

We strictly prohibit the use of our website or do not entertain linking requests from the websites that are interpreted as criminal, obscene, or libelous or violate user’s data protection guidelines mentioned in the GDPR.


Our Company does not suggest or recommend using any products or services advertised on our websites. Advertisers hold complete responsibility for their products and services.

Request Of Link Removal

You are free to contact us if you find any content, hyperlink, or link posted on our website as offensive. However, we are not obliged to remove the link merely on your request unless validated.

We don’t promise or ensure that all the content posted or available on the hyperlinks we add is complete or accurate.


Our Company possesses the right to discontinue or terminate our clients’ use of our services if they violate our Terms and Conditions. We can do it so immediately without even informing our clients.

Updation Of Terms And Conditions

We have full right to change or update our Terms and Conditions at any time without any prior notice.