Transform And Get Yourself A Summer Body

Hey, there viewers, The summer is quickly approaching and the world looks like it. It’s returning to some type of normalcy you know what this means your friends will want to go to the beach. This is usually the time of year when people go hard at the gym and try to transform themselves. But first, you need to change your diet. Let’s talk about 8 foods that transform your body after just four weeks.


Cinnamon helps you Transform

cinnamon, transform your body

Believe it or not, cinnamon is extremely popular in the fitness world. If you’re doing all the right things. It can transform you fairly quickly cinnamon improves insulin sensitivity. Insulin is a hormone that helps to regulate your metabolism and energy use. If your body rejects the effects of insulin it’s recognize as insulin resistance. This is one of the key contributors of type 2 diabetes as a result the fat you consume from meals will use as fuel for your workout. This means there will be less fat in your body. If you’re working out properly insulin sensitivity assists your performance and helps you build muscle add some cinnamon to your recipes.



 I know for most this one will be a drag but do you know how many nutrients Kale holds I’m talking about massive amounts of vitamins A B6C and K along with potassium magnesium copper calcium and manganese it’s like having the entire periodic table in one vegetable thing like calcium in vitamin C are essential if you’re trying to build muscle vitamin C, in particular, helps your body process carbs which fuels your workout it also fights against any oxidative stress your exercise will cause kale is extremely low on calories if you’re on a strict exercise schedule and you want a nutritious veggie that doesn’t carry a lot of weight this is the one.


Blueberries, get yourself a summer body

This is a pretty popular choice for your oatmeal. You can also eat them on your own blueberries are perfect. If you’re cutting back on calories just a single Cup holds less than 90 calories. Blueberries will really assist your weight loss efforts you mainly have fibre to thank for this. Fiber helps ease your digestion that same Cup of blueberries holds 12% of your daily intake. The more fiber you have in your body the longer you’ll stay full this will curb. Those annoying food cravings you get during the day your body also has some good vitamin C to look forward to. On top of the fibre and vitamins of blueberries have something else going for them anti oxidants. Blueberry often refers to as the King of antioxidants that couldn’t be closer to the truth they have the highest amount of antioxidants of any fruit around.



How many times do you need to hear your foodie friends preach about avocado before you get in and try? It yourself avocado is one of the most nutritious fruits around. It’s definitely one you need to start eating. If you want to get in shape fast in a regular size serving. You’re getting tonnes of protein, vitamin C, and potassium. And you know how I say blueberries have a lot of fiber. Well, avocado takes that to a whole new level the same serving has 14 grams. That’s 50% of your suggested intake for the day.

Transform with Eggs

eggs, transform your body with eggs

When it comes to building muscle, you can never eat enough eggs. Well actually that’s a lie it all depends on your cholesterol level but people trying to build muscle need more eggs in their diet. About all the protein you’ll be getting one medium egg has over 6 grams of protein in order to gain the muscle your diet needs. Thus, it’s also essential if you’re going to maintain the muscle on top of all the protein eggs come with zero carbs and very few calories. This along with Omega threes will allow you to burn fat they’re also nutrient gold mines I’m talking about vitamins AB&D as well as phosphorus and selenium.


steak, meat, red meat

Ever had steak and eggs it’s a staple of every highway diner in North America. It’s also a fantastic post-workout meal. I’m talking about a protein Jackpot steak is know as a muscle-building meet. Think about this one medium size steak is around 500 calories with 55 grams of protein. And before I forget the averaged out female requires 46 grams of protein per day. While the average man requires 56 it’s also packs with another mineral.

We haven’t talked about iron helps maintain your body’s functions not just your gastrointestinal system. But your immune system to that same piece of cook steak will give you over 20% of your daily intake. When you eat a grass-fed steak you’ll also get some healthy saturated fat and Omega threes again. There are so many ways to cook your steak find your style and add it to your diet. If you eat the proper amount your body will transform.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil, benefits of coconut oil, transform your body

To be honest, have you ever used coconut oil let’s talk about omega-3 fatty acids in detail. They have all sorts of amazing health benefits on your body. For a woman omega-3 is lowers your blood pressure they slow down the building of flat in your arteries. This allows your heart to pump blood easier since it’s no longer obstruct. Omega threes will reduce your risk of heart disease when you’re a fitness freak you want your body to be using fuel correctly. Coconut oil can help here this is due to medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs. These fats provide you with the proper amount of energy you’ll need to work out. Coconut oil helps to keep you full eat it by adding it to your recipes mix a couple of tablespoons into your veggies meat and eggs. You’ll lose weight in no time

And Last Broccoli helps you Transform

broccoli, vegetables, transform your body with vegetables

This is another ideal weight loss veggie that you absolutely need for exercise if you’re going to transform your body in a month that you want a couple of servings of broccoli day broccoli is another nutrition powerhouse not only are they low calorie 1 Cup of chopped broccoli holds 10% of your daily fibre intake on top of that you’re getting decent servings of potassium iron calcium vitamin A and so yeah vitamin C same Cup as 90% of your vitamin C for the day broccoli will help you lose weight at a steady pace as it assists your digestion and keeps you from being constipated.



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