White Fungus: Infection, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Many More

Overview | Symptoms| Who can get affected? | Why it is more dangerous than Black fungus | How to identify the White fungus infection| Diagnosis | Treatment | Prevention measures

We all know quite much about COVID -19 now. The fight with this deadly and spreadable disease is still on. Meanwhile, to make the situation worse, a new infectious disease called Black fungus or Mucormycosis is also present. Most of the active cases are belong to India. But, do you know that a new variant of black fungus is also found, called White Fungus. Reportedly, there are 4 active cases of white fungus detected in Patna, Bihar ( till the time of writing the article).

The reason behind the spread of this disease is not clear yet. Also, there are no other confirmation of any other case of white fungus is there. But, it is almost confirm that the white fungus disease is also viral and dangerous. Let’s know more about the white fungus, how to cope up and prevent it.

  • The reason of this disease is still not clear.
  • All four infected individuals are admitted in the hospital.
  • One of the four patients is a very famous doctor itself.
  • All 4 infected patients are tested for Coronavirus, but they are negative. On this basis, it can be said that white fungus is not directly related to Corona Virus infection.
  • Reportedly, white fungus disease spreads very easily in your nails.
  • According to doctors, the cases of white fungus is going to shoot up.
  • Follow the guidelines issued by the Department of Health, to stay safe and unaffected.
  • According to some reports, white fungus mainly attacks sinuses and lungs. Still, more information is needed to clarify the actual condition.
  • Unless and until any confirmed information comes, we have to be more careful.
  • White fungus infection affects pregnant women and children more than men.
  • White fungus is considered more dangerous than black fungus.
  • The disease occurs in infants in the form of diaper candidiasis, which appears in the form of cream-colored white spots. In young children, it causes oral thrust.

What is White Fungus?

It’s a kind of infection caused by a fungus.

Symptoms of White fungus:

The symptoms of white fungus are quite similar to coronavirus symptoms. If you have any symptoms similar to coronavirus then even think for a second before going for a test.

Who is more likely to get infected?

According to the report, individuals with low coronavirus, diabetes, kidney transplant patients, AIDS patients, etc. Are more likely to get infected with this white fungus disease.

According to Dr. SN Singh, if tap water is used in the humidifier connected to the oxygen cylinders, this fungus can be found in the oxygen produced.

Diabetic patients and those individuals who are using steroids for a long period are more at risk of getting infected than others. White fungus is directly affecting those patients who are on oxygen support due to coronavirus infection. Cancer patients can also be easily get affected by a white fungus, along with women and children

Why White fungus is more dangerous than black fungus?

White fungus infection is more dangerous than black fungus because it not only affects the lungs but other parts of the body as well. Nails, stomach, kidney, brain, skin, mouth, private parts and almost all the parts of the body can be affected by white fungus. Those who are having weak immunity, have more chances to get infected by white fungus than black fungus.

How to identify the symptoms of white fungus?

Its symptoms are quite similar to coronavirus. Symptoms of white fungus can only be identified through CT – scan, an X-ray, or an HRCT test.

Diagnosis: White fungus disease can be diagnosed by taking a small tissue sample or biopsy of the infected area. Blood tests can also help to detect the infection.

Treatment of white fungus:

Currently, anti-fungus drugs are being used to treat white fungus-infected individuals. The condition of all 4 patients is normal now. On this basis, we can say that using antifungal drugs in the treatment of white fungus is beneficial. Presently, drugs are being tested for the prevention and treatment of white fungus.

Black fungus — an epidemic

Yes, black fungus or mucormycosis is declared as an epidemic, by the Union health ministry of India. A disease can be declared as an epidemic by making it a notifiable disease under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897. Because of this, all government and private hospitals are mandated to follow the ICMR’s guidelines for diagnosis, screening, treatment, and management of black fungus or mucormycosis. All the government and private hospitals have to report such cases to the respective Chief Medical Officers.

Prevention measures to adopt:

  • By sanitizing the oxygen support and ventilator properly, patients can easily prevent white fungus.
  • Wear gloves and caps to avoid any contact of fungus while touching plants or gardening etc.
  • While having any type of its or wounds on the skin, make sure to cover it and avoid any contact of the cuts with dirt or soil.
  • Try to consume more such foods which can help you to increase your immunity. Weak immunity will act as an invitation to the white fungus as well as black fungus and coronavirus disease.
  • Diabetic patients need to keep a check on their sugar levels. The rise in their sugar level will make them more vulnerable to catch the disease and infections like black fungus, white fungus, and of course Coronavirus disease.
  • Keep yourself and your surroundings clean. So that, there will be no contact between you and fungus.
  • Exercise and physical activity will help you to become fit and thus your strength to fight these diseases will increase automatically.

Verified information is not available till now, but all we can do is take measures to protect ourselves.

We will update you further about white fungus infection. Don’t be scared, just be prepared.


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