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Confused about what to eat a and what to avoid during Chemotherapy Diet? sessions?
Follow these easy diet tips to fight cancer strongly.
Cancer is considered as one of the most dangerous diseases. But it is curable for sure. The treatment of cancer includes some therapies, and chemotherapy is one of them.
What is Chemotherapy?
A healthy body constantly replaces its cells with newer ones, through a process of dividing and growing. When cancer occurs, the speed of reproduction of cells increases rapidly, and so, the reproduction of cells starts in an uncontrolled manner. The part of the body where cancer occurred, starts producing more and more cells, they start to occupy the space of useful cells. Here, Chemotherapy comes. Chemotherapy drugs prevent the growth and reproduction of cancer cells.
How does Chemotherapy works?
In Chemotherapy, a single drug or combination of drugs can be used. These drugs can attack the cancer cells throughout the body or in a specific site, organ or processes. Chemotherapy drugs can prevent cell division, target the hormones or enzymes that a cancer cells need to grow further, and can trigger apoptosis, or the “suicide of cancer cells”.
However, Chemotherapy is recommended by doctors only if the patients need it seriously. Because along with benefits, it has some side effects too. These side effects can be noticed during and even after the completion of Chemotherapy sessions.
A doctor recommends Chemotherapy :
• To shrink a tumour before surgery
• After surgery, to remove the remaining cancer cells, if any exists.
• And to prevent the recurrence of cancer.
Side effects of Chemotherapy :
The side effects of Chemotherapy is because, the Chemotherapy drugs often targets both, cancer cells along with healthy cells too.

  1. Infections : Chemotherapy can cause a great loss in the number of white blood cell, which works to protect our body from infections. Because of low white blood cells, the immune system of the body gets weaken and thus, our body becomes more likely to cattach any type of infections. Along with antibiotics, people should take precautions to keep the infections at bay.
  2. Nausea and vomiting
  3. Loss of hair
  4. Nails become weak
  5. Skin becomes oversensitive
  6. Fatigue
  7. Bleeding tendency increases
  8. Hearing impairment
  9. Anaemia
  10. Loss of appetite
  11. Inflammation of the mucous membrane
  12. Bowel problems
  13. Reduction infertility and pregnancy
  14. Cognitive and mental health problems
  15. Soreness of mouth
  16. Mouth ulcers
  17. Change in taste of food
  18. Feeling heavy and fullness after even after eating less food.
  19. Stomach issues like constipation, diarrhoea etc.
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Tips regarding diet and food:

Tips regarding diet and food:
• One should eat healthy food only.
• Eat only home-cooked food
• Eat such food that can be easily swallowed.
• Food should not be extremely hot or cold.
• One should increase the intake of liquids and semi – liquids in his or her diet.
• Take frequent meals.
• Divide your meals into 6 small intervals, and avoid eating only 3 times a day.
• Should not fast or starve for a long time.
• Have freshly cooked meals only.
• Use mouth wash after meals for sure
• Use a soft brush to avoid mouth ulcers.
Things to avoid during Chemotherapy :
• Don’t eat uncooked vegetables and raw fruits
• Avoid Such fruits, where you can not remove the skin of the fruit. As the outer skin of the fruits may have bacteria, which can cause infections.
• Avoid stale foods
• Avoid fried foods
• Eat less oily food
• Avoid preserved food products, like pickles etc.
• Avoid starving
• Avoid Such foods which are hard to swallow.
• Quitting smoking and alcohol is a must.
• Avoid using and toxic product like talcum powder, creams adulterated with chemicals.
Food options :
( Note : Before including anything in your diet plan, consulting your doctor is a must.)

  1. Ginger : Ginger can help you in case of nausea, after the treatment.
  2. Whole grains : Whole grains are high in fibre, which can help to treat constipation, a common side effect of Chemotherapy.
  3. Custard : The bland flavour and smooth texture helps with mouth ulcers, which makes eating a painful process.
  4. Banana : You can have banana, especially to deal with diarrhoea, caused because of Chemotherapy.
  5. Water : There is nothing better than water, when it comes to hydration of our body. A person should drink at least 1.5 to 2 litres of water every day. For a Cancer patient, it becomes more important to take care and increase the water intake. Water helps a cancer patient to flush out the toxic substances from the body. It also minimize the side effects of medicine on the kidney and liver of the patient. Electrolytic solution will also help. Coconut water is also one of the best options to stay hydrated and healthy as well.
  6. Fruits : Patient can have fruits but with some conditions apply. Firstly, only those fruits you can include in your diet, which can be peeled off. You should eat fruits without its skin only. And such fruits should not be taken which is hard to swallow.
  7. Eggs : Can include eggs in your diet as a source of protein.
  8. Nuts : Can munch nuts like almonds in place of unhealthy snacks.
  9. Sprouts : It is not only healthy but a good filler for tummy also. Can include more options according to your taste.
  10. Uttapams : This south Indian dish is a quite filler and healthy option, as it is made up of sprouts and rice with vegetables.
    Along with these, you can also have tofu, yogurt, home made vegetable juices, protein powder (unadulterated) etc.
    For Carbohydrates with fibre :
    At least a portion of must have unrefined flours like brown rice, oats etc.

For fibre : Along with your meal, also have some salads of green and yellow vegetables. But not raw, or should be boiled.
For proteins : Can have dairy products like yogurt, soya beans, lentils, legumes which are high in protein. But don’t forget to cook them very well.
For hydration : Water is the best source to keep you hydrated all day long. But just for the taste along with liquid intake, you can have lemon water, fruits and veggies juices. But don’t forget to take only home made juices, without sugar.
It is very important to eat regular well balanced meals during cancer treatment. So eat well, and let Chemotherapy do it work efficiently.

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