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Heartburn: 5 Tips To Ease Burning Sensation Without Medications

Have you ever experienced a burning sensation in the chest along with a bitter taste in the mouth or throat, that burning sensation is nothing but heartburn. It is a common problem...

Health Benefits of Dry Ginger Powder (Sonth)

First off, what is Sonth? Well, dry ginger powder in Hindi called Sonth. It is nothing but fresh ginger which has undergone a drying process and oftentimes powdered. Although you find it...

Cycling or Running – Which is Better For You

So you want to be fit, what sane people don’t? Being fit and healthy is a goal that we should all be striving for and cardio exercises go a long way in...

Prevention and Treatment of Ankle Pain Caused By Running

Running is perhaps the most accessible form of aerobic exercise one can do. But as it is with any form of exercise, the risk of injury persists. Ankle pain is among the...

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